Smart Contracts

Yes, we do, regardless of the type of token or which blockchain it’s on. If you don’t have your smart contract created yet, we can do it for you. If you already have tokens created, we can integrate it with our platform. We develop a smart contract for each client of ours regardless of their smart contract. Our smart contract performs all the event firing and recording of real-time transactions on the blockchain. To learn more about how our platform works with smart contracts and our development capabilities, please visit this page.
Hosting & Platform Integration
Integration can be as quick as you need it to be. Here is what happens during
  • You choose and create a sub-domain on your token sale domain name
  • You point the DNS of that sub-domain to an IP address we assign to you
  • You send us high res logos and any customization requests for the reskinning
  • We make the changes and upload it
  • We perform testing and Q&A
  • We turn over the admin logins to you
At this point you are fully integrated. Now you just need to login to the system and begin customizing it, activating payment methods and creating your campaign and pricing templates. Most of the setup time is creating your campaign and testing to make sure it accurately projects your token sale from A to Z.
Token Distribution
Tokens are physically distributed to the users, following the transaction statements of the “fired events”, once the token sale is complete, or per the distribution schedule set by the ICO manager.
    In the meantime, each token buyer has the following::
  • their token amount displayed in their account in the dashboard
  • transaction reports showing each purchase
  • links to view the transaction on the blockchain, where they can also see the amount of tokens purchased, bonus tokens and their ETH address
Token Distribution
NvestPortal was built to run any type of campaign you need to run.
    In the meantime, each token buyer has the following::
  • Private Sale / Pre-sale: Create a private sale campaign and select how you’d like to run it. You can use it as a reporting tool, you can create user accounts for your investors and record the transactions, or even just manually transfer tokens to users as you make deals with them. You can opt-out of having transactions recorded in the blockchain to keep your private sale exactly that, private.
  • White-List Mode: Turn on whitelist mode if you just want to sign up users to market to them at a later date. You control what they see when they login and if they go through KYC or not.
  • ICO/Token Sale Campaigns: You can make multiple token sale campaigns, or one with multiple pricing and bonus structures using the token pricing templates.
  • Bounty Campaigns: Create, manage and promote all your bounty campaigns from our platform. You can also upload past bounty or airdrop campaigns and have our system automatically register and create each users account, auto-invite them, and transfer tokens in their user account.
  • Security or Equity Tokens: Looking to raise funding via equity? Our platform has advanced features for raising equity funding through a token sale. Activate the Security Token Sale mode and go through the available features and options of how you wish to run your campaign.
Yes, we do, our partners include:
    In the meantime, each token buyer has the following::
  • Hosho
  • Authio
  • Siteground