Build Checkout Pages

We have the most popular currencies integrated waiting for you to activate them. We also have bank wires, Stripe, Western Union and Money Gram.

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Tokenize Your Investment

We've made it extremely easy to manage your token and bonus pricing rounds. Set them up in advance and have them change automatically, or activate them manually.


We have some excellent tools which can be used for KYC, but our system was designed to integrate with the KYC / AML provider of your choice. You will need to register with a service and integrate it using their API or Token, which you can can do in the admin panel. We can also integrate for you if it requires some manual customization.

Affiliate Management System

Our cutting edge bounty applications gives you full control of your campaigns. But without users that doesn't mean much. Which is why we also syndicate your bounties to our 4,000+ strong bounty marketing army.

User On-boarding Campaigns

Create on-boarding campaigns for new users and choose who and when you display them. Create slides and populate them with questions, give away airdrops or qualify them for KYC. Custom and easy to use.

Distribute Everywhere

The European General Data Protection Regulation or simply “GDPR” is a new regulation replacing the Data Protection Directive. It protects European Union customer data, in hopes of reducing the severity and frequency of security breaches, and the mishandling or in-correctly processing of personal data on the web.

Streamline Your Accounting

In addition to our platform security, we also offer optional add-on security solutions, ensuring all aspects of your token sale stay secure.

Become Compliant

The ICODash app comes fully installed and setup by our team on your servers. After initial install and testing, we provide you with admin panel access and from that point moving forward we have zero interaction with the system or your servers. You must have IT support personal on staff who can monitor the system 24/7 during your ICO.